Eco Friendly Materials

Houses which offer solutions to both financial and environmental problems have appealed the public interest. If you are also keen to show your integrity to this cause, you should plan to build or renovate your home with these eco-friendly materials and techniques. Today, there are several home designs available which are elegant and durable as well.

Major eco-friendly materials are discussed below. Remember! These materials are not only meeting high standards of quality, durability and beauty, but also they are cost effective.

Roofing with solar panels

Today, there are many eco-friendly roofing materials available in the market. The major choices are fiber-cement composite roofing, recycled wood and metal shingles- aluminum and copper. The installation of the solar panels in the roofs is very common now. Cheaper ways of installing these energy-efficient home additions can be found as well.

Modern replacement windows

NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) has established a rating system for the efficiency of window replacements. The idea of making such eco-friendly windows is specifically to avoid heat loss, glass condensation along with moist formation, block heat gain. These windows allow more light through the glass. Now these windows are obtainable from the market.

Wood Materials

Bamboo: In Asia, bamboo is most commonly used wood material in different areas of a house. The panels of bamboo are used in floors and walls. The houses made of bamboo are usually flexible that has the ability to hold out in different circumstances i.e. natural disasters. In Japan and Philippines, the traditional houses are completely made of bamboo. Therefore they have the resistance against frequent earthquakes and storms.

Other Wood Materials: Some other wood materials which are used for hardwood floors are coco lumber, rattan, narra and mango woods. These may last up to forty years if maintained properly. Furthermore, furniture items such as tables, chairs and bed frames are also made from this timber. One may feel himself contributing to deforestation, but there are certain rules and regulations about using, producing and sustaining these trees.

Tiles made by recycled aluminum, brass and glass

Tiles are commonly manufactured by these recycled materials. The difference in shapes, sizes, types, colors and designs gives different looks. Also, with different finishes like matte, polished, sandblasted, these tiles add the beauty of the house. Maintenance is also very easy. Normal dish cleaner and water is required for cleaning. Three dimensional glass tiles are also available in the market with different finishes like matte or glossy. For cleaning purpose, any regular glass cleaner may be applied.