Some Space for Kitchens and Bathrooms

• Purchase Miniature

For very small kitchens and bathrooms, they make smaller-than-the-standard 600mm wide appliances and vanities. They can be a godsend. Dishwashers in a 450mm version are manufactured by some European appliance manufacturers. If they will work for you, you can find two-burner models available in cook tops. This will save you a lot of valuable counter space. Storage-packed vanity units that are around 400mm or 500mm wide are available for your bathrooms, and they work well for extra storage. If needed, you can find the largest length of wall in your home and build a vanity the entire length of it to max out storage.

• Double Up

Look to see if you can find things that work as two different things such as: an oven that doubles as a conventional and a microwave, a shower over a small bath, or a bathroom mirror that’s also a storage cabinet. Fill each to capacity and get as much function into each space as possible. This way, you won’t be adding extra items that take up more room. It gives you more walking-around space.

• Use Corners Wisely

With the right appliance choices, you can take a corner and exploit it to add extra storage space or visual value to your home. They make kitchen sinks that are designed to go in corners. This will add desired counter space. You can also find wall-mounted corner mirrors that can double as cabinets. If you install Lazy Susans inside your corner cabinets, you can actually triple the amount you are able to store inside them.

Eco Friendly Materials

Houses which offer solutions to both financial and environmental problems have appealed the public interest. If you are also keen to show your integrity to this cause, you should plan to build or renovate your home with these eco-friendly materials and techniques. Today, there are several home designs available which are elegant and durable as well.

Major eco-friendly materials are discussed below. Remember! These materials are not only meeting high standards of quality, durability and beauty, but also they are cost effective.

Roofing with solar panels

Today, there are many eco-friendly roofing materials available in the market. The major choices are fiber-cement composite roofing, recycled wood and metal shingles- aluminum and copper. The installation of the solar panels in the roofs is very common now. Cheaper ways of installing these energy-efficient home additions can be found as well.

Modern replacement windows

NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) has established a rating system for the efficiency of window replacements. The idea of making such eco-friendly windows is specifically to avoid heat loss, glass condensation along with moist formation, block heat gain. These windows allow more light through the glass. Now these windows are obtainable from the market.

Wood Materials

Bamboo: In Asia, bamboo is most commonly used wood material in different areas of a house. The panels of bamboo are used in floors and walls. The houses made of bamboo are usually flexible that has the ability to hold out in different circumstances i.e. natural disasters. In Japan and Philippines, the traditional houses are completely made of bamboo. Therefore they have the resistance against frequent earthquakes and storms.

Other Wood Materials: Some other wood materials which are used for hardwood floors are coco lumber, rattan, narra and mango woods. These may last up to forty years if maintained properly. Furthermore, furniture items such as tables, chairs and bed frames are also made from this timber. One may feel himself contributing to deforestation, but there are certain rules and regulations about using, producing and sustaining these trees.

Tiles made by recycled aluminum, brass and glass

Tiles are commonly manufactured by these recycled materials. The difference in shapes, sizes, types, colors and designs gives different looks. Also, with different finishes like matte, polished, sandblasted, these tiles add the beauty of the house. Maintenance is also very easy. Normal dish cleaner and water is required for cleaning. Three dimensional glass tiles are also available in the market with different finishes like matte or glossy. For cleaning purpose, any regular glass cleaner may be applied.

Drawing Up Home Floor Plans

If the floor plans are being made by a specialist such as an architect or engineer, the homeowner has the advantage of experience and expertise on his side. However, no one knows the needs of a home better than the homeowner and a customized design can be put together by the individual concerned.

There are plenty of tips and suggestions to prepare customized floor plans. But some of the very basic and essential ones should include –

• Choosing a floor plan that reflects the lifestyle of the occupants – family size and age of the occupants is an important factor. Families with young children will prefer to have the living spaces grouped together in one area to have greater privacy and security; on the other hand, teenagers are won’t to need separate bedrooms to have their own privacy. Any home floor plan should start with these basics.

• Formal or informal spaces – if the homeowner is the kind of person who has to entertain constantly, formal spaces become a necessity. A spacious foyer with direct access to the formal living and dining areas and the outdoor areas beyond is a nice design. If there is sufficient space, formal and informal areas can be designed and separated so that one does not intrude into the other, this way a family with younger children can entertain guests as well as retain their privacy.

• Single storey or multiple floors – some people like to have a luxurious spread out home on one level while some may like to keep bedrooms on a different level altogether. Besides, a double storey home offers more views of the outside at different angles better than a single storey home.

• Functionality of space – if there is an elderly person or invalid at home with requirement for extra space or young children who need more space around the house, these requirements should be factored in. Making provision for family changes while drawing up floor plans is advantageous even if the requirement is not immediate as future alterations and additions may not be possible always.

• How much outdoor is good – every home floor plan will include an outdoor area, perhaps an open porch, a swimming pool, a garden umbrella with seating etc. Making an assessment of how much time will be spent in these areas should be considered before making the plans. Imagine a swimming pool that is never used and looks unkempt and unclean! Outdoors need a lot of maintenance.

Save Space in Home

Utility Room:

Struggling to dry clothes during the winter months? Considering a tumble dryer but concerned that you do not have the space in your utility room? Did you know there are steps you can take to ensure you’re able to benefit from the drying power of a tumble dryer without losing valuable space?

One of the best ways to utilise the space when bringing a tumble dryer into the home is to stack it on top of the washing machine. To do this we recommend using a stacking kit.

NB: Failure to use a stacking kit has the potential to cause accidents, such as the top appliance falling over when the door is pulled open.

Universal stacking kits are quick and easy to install, enabling you to safely and securely stack your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine. The majority of stacking kits are suitable to be used with appliances which are 60cm by 60cm, although we recommend checking the dimensions before purchasing.

Along with enabling you to securely stack your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine, the Wpro Universal Stacking Kit can be purchased with a slide out shelf, making it easier for you to unload your laundry from your washing machine and into your tumble dryer.


During the festive period, there’s a good chance you’ll have struggled for space in your fridge. Depending on the size of your household, you may also struggle for space following a big shop.

In such situations, instead of attempting to cram stuff into the fridge, consider purchasing a universal wine rack shelf. This will enable you to chill your wine bottles, without taking up valuable shelf space, which can be used for other food.

There are a number of wine rack shelves available for your fridge, ranging from the Electrolux Universal Bottle and Wine Rack Shelf, which simply slides onto one of your existing fridge shelves and can hold up to three bottles of wine

If you’re after a shelf which can hold more bottles, consider the Samsung universal wine rack. This again, slides onto existing fridge shelves and can hold up to four bottles of wine, freeing up vital space within your fridge.

You can further free space within your kitchen, by mounting your microwave on the wall, instead of having it sitting on the worktop; with the aid of Wellco’s microwave oven wall bracket. These particular brackets are easy to install, and can support a maximum load of 20kg; making them suitable not only for microwaves but other small kitchen appliances too.


As televisions get bigger, finding a suitable TV unit which fits in with your decor can often be difficult. It can also be hard to find a TV unit which doesn’t take up too much space. For those who are concerned about the space available and how they’ll fit their TV of choice in, wall mounted brackets may be the ideal solution.

Suitable for 25 inch television sets through to sets which exceed 60 inches, a TV wall bracket will help you save space in your lounge, or bedroom, by allowing you to secure your TV to the wall, without ruining the decor.